Nail Your Corporate Video Interview

We’ve all seen those corporate interviews that were, well, boring. It seems like the same old thing…guy (or gal) in a stuffy suit answering cliché questions while trying to appear as “approachable” and authentic as possible on camera (but failing miserably). What was the message they were trying to deliver again? Who knows…you probably stopped watching within the first few painful minutes.

If you’re planning an interview and want to break the mold, kick things up a notch and actually hold the attention of your viewers, you’ve come to the right place (and we commend you for thinking outside the box).

Let’s take a look at a few tips for making your next corporate interview totally awesome.

Avoid the basics. Ask a boring question and you’re probably going to get an equally boring answer. A good way to weed out these types of questions is to figure out whether they can be answered with a simple yes or no. If so, either skip them or focus on turning them into something open-ended that will provide the opportunity to expand and get creative with the answers.

Talk about what you know. More specifically, talk about what you’re passionate about. This will naturally make you feel more excited – an emotion that is palpable on camera and great for drawing in and engaging your audience.

Ask relevant questions. When you’re preparing for your interview, a lot of thought should be given to what matters most to your audience. This will help you gear your questions and responses so that they are highly relevant to your viewers. For instance, have several of your customers had difficulty using a particular product? Crafting answers that provide solutions will keep them interested.

Be human. You aren’t a robot, so don’t act like one on camera. Smile. Relax. Be yourself. Show some personality. Joke around even. The more you let your human side show, the more your audience will want to continue watching.

Tell a story. The ultimate purpose of your video may very well be to sell more products, book more service appointments or garner more brand awareness, but if you approach the actual content from this angle, it’s probably going to come across as salesy and disingenuous. Focus instead on treating the interviewee as the hero of a story who faced certain obstacles before discovering the solution (your product or service). Storytelling is way more engaging than traditional corporate interviews.

Be specific and thorough. We already mentioned the importance of asking open-ended questions, but it’s also important to be specific – both with the questions as well as the answers. Ask about specific scenarios. Answers should be thoughtful and thorough enough to stand alone (i.e. they should reiterate the question and provide a complete statement so that if the questions are eliminated from the final video, the responses will still make sense.)

Use a guideline, not a script. It’s fine to have your list of questions drawn up ahead of time. It’s ok – even encouraged - to at least have an idea of what the answers to those questions will be. But if you get too specific and start working from a script, the resulting video will show it. Remember – being human and authentic is the goal. Unscripted footage is a great way to demonstrate your personality to your viewers, so don’t be afraid to be a bit “off the cuff” from time to time.

Practice makes perfect. If you’re not naturally comfortable in front of the camera, you’ll probably want to do a little warming up before filming. Practice in front of the mirror or film a few clips on your own and watch them to determine what areas could use some improvement. Better yet - ask a friend or colleague to provide an honest critique of what you should work on prior to filming the official interview.

Contrary to popular belief, corporate interviews don’t have to be stuffy and impersonal. In fact, with the right attitude and approach, you can turn your video into a highly engaging, powerful marketing tool for your organization.

Ready to get started? Give us a holler and let’s discuss how we can help with all of your corporate filming needs.

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