Level Up Your Business With The Latest Video Marketing Trends

As we are halfway through the year of 2021, trends have come and gone, especially when it comes to technology. Video marketing trends in this day and age are a major part of an e-commerce business' marketing strategy to stay ahead of its competitors.

According to Wyzowl, 99% of video marketers claim they plan to continue using video in the future. Video marketing is a great way for businesses to promote their products and services. However, you need to know how to properly use current video trends for video content to be effective.

If you want to boost your brand awareness, you should consider implementing the latest video marketing strategies.

So… what are the latest video marketing trends?

1 | Video Usage

Of those who invest in video marketing, 92% refer to this strategy as a principal strategy. Videos are addictive in a way in which they have the potential to give users a personal connection to what they're watching.

Marketing through video allows businesses to quickly showcase important features of their business while incorporating striking graphics, engaging music, sound effects, or relevant pictures.

2 | Investing in Video Marketing

95% of video marketers plan on continuing to invest, and even increase their investment in this specific strategy due to its success!

Investing in video marketing has shown to give you more when you do more.

Wyzowl’s recent survey showed that 79% of consumers decide to purchase products after watching a video, and an average person views 1.5 hours of video content, and around 15% consume up to 3 hours of video per day. Video marketing not only can extend your reach on social platforms, but it increases conversions across websites, email, and social media.

Although creating a video may not seem simple, it’s worth every second you invest in creating and marketing it.

3 | Virtual Events

As we all know, the pandemic stripped away our privilege to have face-to-face interactions, which forced businesses to alter their ways to hold events, meetings, and other important occasions since 2020. Virtual events became the new face of interaction.

With converting almost every type of interaction to virtual, many people started to prefer this over face-to-face, as it has shown to be more convenient. Not only is it more accessible, but it can save money by eliminating the costs of travel and renting out rooms for meetings. Opportunities to meet with people all over the world are also a major gain from going virtual.

There are so many advantages that we have found from virtual events that it has rolled over into 2021, and will continue to be a present benefit!

4 | Interactive AR Content

Augmented reality and virtual reality have grown, and continue to thrive in today’s world. The use of implementing AR and VR with your video marketing is a smart decision, as the pandemic has limited our access to in-person activities and events.

Consumers have the opportunity to see content and products from home without having to even leave their homes! The shoe brand TOMS has implemented VR in its marketing as a way to bring its vision to life. TOMS created “A walk in their shoes” campaign, and the use of VR visually shows customers that when you buy a pair of shoes, a pair goes to someone in need.

In-person activities are still limited today, and interactive AR content helps create real-life experiences!

5 | User-Generated Video Content

User-generated video content is content such as texts, posts, images, videos, and reviews that are created by individuals rather than brands, and posted to an online network. Industries such as beauty, health, and travel are popular fields that incorporate user-generated videos.

For industries that are heavily influenced by user opinions, user-generated video content is especially effective. It not only attracts users, but keeps them engaged at the same time. User-generated videos on Youtube are known to receive up to ten times as many views as branded content.

This 2021 trend is seen to be one of the most popular due to its ability to create heavy interactions among users, and it’s highly recommended for businesses.

Video is an opportunity to take your brand to the next level. Your company’s story is unique, and video conveys it in the way that today’s consumers relate to, enjoy and even expect.

The Corporate Film Guys are your friendly experts in visual storytelling that matches your brand strategy. We’ll make a video that lets your target audience get to know your company better, understand your mission, and even forge an emotional bond.

Ready to implement these video marketing trends the right way this year? Start leveling up your business by working with us and scheduling a consultation.

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